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Shanti/Ashtangi lyrics


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        Vunde gurunam caranaravinde
    Sandarsita svatma sukhavabodhe
    Nihsreyase jangalikayamane
    Sansara halahala moha santyai
    Hala hala
    Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi
    Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi
    Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam
    Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam

    Om Shanti, Om Shanti
    Shanti shanti
    Shantay Om

    (repeat entire song)
    I worship the gurus' lotus feet
    Awakening the happiness of the self revealed
    Beyond comparison, working like the jungle physician
    To pacify loss of consciousness from the poison of existence
    In the form of a man up to the shoulders
    Holding a conch, discus and sword
    Thousand headed, white
    I bow respectfully
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